Trading with Week of Opponent

So, my opponent this week is wiped out by the bye-pocalypse and put out that they would be willing to trade CMC for a #1 receiver and decent starting RB. Basically everyone is 5-4 in this league and hunting for Playoffs. Would you trade with your weekly opponent and give them better odds for one week in favor of getting CMC?

I have Saquads (on bye next week), James Conner (via trade), and Coleman as my top RBs. My WRs are Evans, Woods, M. Williams, and Dede. I know I’m not stacked at WR, but I’m wondering if I could get something done with a better RB1 and decent WR instead (I don’t think I should move Evans).

Sidenote, it’s a SF PPR league.

I’ll post full rosters in comments.

My Roster

Opponent roster