Trading with you opponent for the week?

I just made a big trade to acquire Tyreek. I gave up CEH and Drake for him.

Now my biggest issue is at QB. I have Matt Ryan and he tanked me last week. I’m 4-7, so I can’t afford that garbage this week. Ryan is taking on LV, so it’s a good matchup, but I wouldn’t trust him to beat a junior high school JV team without Julio, so I don’t think I’ll start him if Julio misses.

On the waiver, I can grab Goff, Cousins, Teddy B, or Tua.

Another option: my opponent this week has Rodgers and Watson. I’d play Watson, but I know he won’t because he’s a huge GB fan. So Watson will sit on his bench again. I almost got him to give me Watson for DJ Moore back in week 5. But normally I’d never trade with my opponent for the week. Should I try to sell high on Moore and offer him up for Watson again?

Do you think he plays moore against you and do you think thatll be enough to swing him the victory because then no otherwise watson is a big upgrade to ryan so id do it

*but dont overpay more than moore those waiver guys can be fine in a pinch

That’s what worries me. Moore is on the uptick for sure, but he has a great matchup and likely has Teddy coming back, which has usually resulted in him doing absolutely nothing most weeks. He seems to do his best when he’s not expected to. But with my luck, I’ll make that trade and Moore will drop 30 on me.

For context, here is my opponents lineup:

QB: Rodgers
RB: Cook
RB: Hines
WR: Cooks
WR: Jeudy
TE: Kelce
Flex: Gurley
Flex: Landry
DST: Vikings
K: Tucker
Bench: Watson, Hilton, J White, Bills DST, Watkins, Homer, Ebron

My lineup:
QB: Ryan
RB: J Robinson
RB: Miles Sanders
WR: Tyreek
WR: Golladay
TE: Fant
Flex: Diontae
Flex: Woods
DST: Miami
K: Koo
Bench: Duke, Moore, Jakobi, Pittman, Logan Thomas, David Johnson, Ekeler

Typing that out and realizing his roster is 6-5 and mine is 4-7 is absolutely infuriating…

Yeah thats tough because Moore most likely goes right in over Juedy and plays against you this week. Tough call for sure but you sound tilted on ryan and dont sound like you wanna stream so its been a rough year sounds like you take some chances here

I’ll be fine with Ryan IF Julio plays. So I might wait for that injury report and then decide. But since Watson plays Thursday, I can only wait until tomorrow afternoons report to make the decision.

I don’t know. Conventional wisdom says I have the far superior lineup as-is and would be fine playing Ryan or streaming, but that’s been the case almost every week this season. I’ve ALWAYS had the superior team “on paper” and it’s meant nothing. I continue losing to guys streaming people like Wentz and Ballage. This season has been a nightmare.

Thats what im saying though. The guys that keep beating your better team keep taking their chances theyve gotten lucky and its paid off. If you can beat 'em join 'em type mentality but its all a gut choice

Yeah very true. I mean this is all contingent upon him even accepting anyway. He may not want me to be able to load up his own #6 ranked QB against him.