Trading Zeke. Is this enough?

Hey guys I have had a rough 0-2 start to my year. Im in half PPR league with keepers and pick trades. I have been getting people asking about Zeke and want to see if i can get back in it with a trade.

Offer was :
Nick Chubb and Marquise Brown

This enough or should I maybe get more? he also has TJ Hockenson.

Hurry guys need to fix my year!!

I would want a better receiver than Brown. Brown has looked good so far, but it’s two weeks. I would look for someone that is a more sure thing.

What if Tj Hockenson was put into the deal on top of chubb and Brown.

No way,
Gotta Get more for Zeke,

If they want Zeke you want their #1 WR and #2 RB
Zeke is a fantasy machine

I’m streaming TE at the moment.

What are your options at tight end?
If your in the jason witten/jimmy graham/will disley tier.

Id much rather play the matchups in streaming rather than let go of zeke.
Whats your team structure?

Thing is I’m 0-2. Need to get something going. Here Is my team. I have been out bid on my main waiver pickups.

Hockenson isn’t that great. Right now I think most places have him as TE 12 or so for the year. He had a big week one then he had one catch last week. He isn’t someone who swings the trade much.

Zeke is arguably best RB in FF. Also, in fantastic offense. Chubb is fine, but gotta get big WR upgrade (Brown not it) or no deal. The deal has to help both teams, but also has to hurt both teams. Zeke hurts you, he gets upgrade from Chubb and trades you waiver wire pickup. That doesn’t hurt. Who are his primary WR’s?

Here is his team. He isn’t going to let Hopkins go.

Will Dislley tier…

Yeah, based on your team i think losing zeke would cripple you. your good at RB. dont sacrifice that to make everything else average.

Remember 0-2 dont matter. all that matters is your in the playoffs towards the end. i went 0-4 one year and came back to win 3rd. lost week 15 by 4 points.

see if you can grab prospect players. dj chark, James Washington, deebo samuel, delvin smith, peyton barber, randall cobb

Hope they blow up an then package trade them for what you feel your biggest need is.

Wow that dude is for sure trying to low ball you.

NO NUK no trade.

Get Kelce if he doesn’t want to do Hopkins. Kelce will put up WR1/2 type numbers.

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I have been outbid on all of my waiver pickups. When you drop $20 McLaren and $35 for Robinson and get oud but by the same guy both times what can you do lol.

Think I cold get Kelce out of it? How?

let them spend their FAAB way to early. dont overact just yet. your team needs just a few fixes. players will emerge.

Zeke-Dissly-Marvin jones

Thatd be my final offer.

Because you are trading Zeke that’s how. Zeke is a significant upgrade from Chubb, so you need something else. If he isn’t willing to give up major pieces and basically wants to trade Zeke for Chubb straight up then don’t waste your time.

I’d do a Zeke/Boyd for Cook/Hopkins deal. Zeke is best player in deal. Maybe you settle for Chubb/Hopkins but nothing less.

I’d be fine doing just Chubb and Kelce for Zeke as well. If you can get Ridley or even Brown that would be a steal I would say.