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Transaction Limit BS help!


16 team PPR league. Start QB, WR, WR, RB, TE, FLEX, FLEX.
Current roster:
QB: Dalton, Bortles
WR: Green, Allen, Parker, Doctson, Inman, Moncrief
RB: Kamara, Hunt, Darkwa, Booker
TE: Ertz, Burton

Should I use my last transaction to pick up Trent Taylor? After Kamaras concussion I don’t know if I can risk the floors of Parker or Doctson in my 2nd flex spot. Pick up Taylor and drop Booker?


Understand your trepidation given the terrible matchups Doctson and Parker face. Agree Taylor has a good upside potential or if Kerwin Williams is still out there might be a good pickup for that second flex now that AP is out.


I have more faith in Taylor cause his role won’t change and Kerwins could. So would you make the pick up?


Since none of your other starters look to have any injury issues, I think using the last trade is safe.


Thank you!


Say I win this week. Would you rather have Taylor or Kerwynn the rest of the way?


49ers play Tennessee next week and somebody really bad who I can’t remember in week 16. Don’t know What Cardinals schedule is and or if AP will be able to come back. But, since neither of them are likely to be superstars, I’d be inclined to go week-by-week and pick up what you ever fringe player had the best match up Etc