Travis Etienne love

Looking at predicted stats for Travis Etienne and James Robinson would normally scream “avoid both at all costs” especially where their ADP is and where I would draft them.

But with Etienne I have been giving more thought of drafting as of late.

With a #3 or #4 RB I typically want a player that will be outperforming their ADP later in the season and into the playoffs, mainly because I wouldn’t be playing them early in the season with spending so much draft capital on a couple of early RBs.

Even if for the season Etienne ends up only being in the 30s for RB rankings what do you you think his ranking will be with only looking at the last 8 weeks of the season.

I drafted CEH last year with that thought (didn’t work but with CEH I had to be invest a 1st rounder where Etienne I would be investing a late 5th early 6th).

Value and logic seems on point. Look at Akers and dobbins last year. If your comfortable with what WRs you have and taking Travis as your RB4. I don’t think you’ll be burned. Just gotta find those diamond WRs