Travis Kelce at the 2.02?

I am in an 8-team full point PPR keeper league drafting from the 7th spot, the expected keepers are as follows, Alvin Kamara, Ezekiel Elliott or Todd Gurley, Melvin Gordon, Le’Veon Bell, Julio Jones or Christian McCaffrey, David Johnson, DeAndre Hopkins, with mine being Saquan Barkley. Is it crazy for me to go for a WR, leaning towards Adams, and then taking Kelce at the snake draft turn or is he so good that he’s worth the early pick? I am definitely conflicted here since I think I could hold off and get Ertz/Kittle at my 3rd pick possibly, but it’s a risk they wouldn’t make it to me either. Help.

Adams >>>> Kelce …for me.

I have kittle as te 1. I watched all of his plays on gamepass and dude gets wide open. But my real advice is to add a few teams next year. Im trying to push from 12 to 14 getting from 8 to 10 shouldn’t be that hard.

I’d be taking both haha, Adams at 1.07 and Kelce at 2.02!

We have no interest in adding any more teams currently, that’s for sure.

Give me Adams and Kelce all day. In an 8 person league, Kelce gives you such a big positional advantage he is a must have.

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It also depends who is left on the board. I think in an 8-team league you should still see a ton of value left in your 2nd and 3rd picks. If you could land a Michael Thomas for instance and get Kittle in the 3rd, I like that over Kelce and TY Hilton…for example.

I’d likely take Adams over Thomas at #1 for the consistency and then if I went Kelce at #2, I’d go for my RB2 at pick #3 probably to pair with Barkley, and then lock up my WR2 at #4.


I’m saying go Adams/Thomas/Kittle over Adams/Kelce/Hilton for example. You may be able to get someone like Conner with your 2nd pick if you’re wanting RB instead. Adams/Conner/Kittle.

Ahh, gotcha, yeah I was a Kittle owner last year and it worked out pretty well, though I can’t expect another season like that, I still expect huge things, and the reality is that Ertz could even be there at the 3rd pick too.