Travis Kelce/Calvin Ridley for Chris Carson

Hey, Footclan! Currently 5-2 in my league; just received this trade today, 1/2 PPR:

Give up: Chris Carson
Receive: Travis Kelce/Calvin Ridley

My current RBs are Carson, Chase Edmonds, Tevin Coleman, Phillip Lindsay, Devin Singletary, Kareem Hunt, and Jamaal Williams. Current WRs are Davante Adams, Julio Jones, and Mohamed Sanu. I also already have Mark Andrews (on Bye this week).

Should I do it?

I would not make that deal with your current RBs. Carson is your best option.

With Andrews, Kelce would be redundant in my mind.


Kelce has a big name but he has not really produced this year. I would also say you are better off sticking with Chris Carson (when you’re 5 and 2 you probably shouldn’t part with your best RB).