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Hey guys, I’m currently 4-2 in my league and am the manager of Travis Kelce and Noah fant. I picked fant off the waivers even though I really don’t need him…I felt that he was too good to leave there. I tried to trade him but to no luck. I’m beginning to think should I trade Kelce and if so what am I looking to trade him for? What do you guys think. Provided is my roster. Let me know if there’s a certain move I should make or if I should continue to shop fant. Thanks for the help

You need a WR. I would maybe see if you could trade Kelce for someone like Golladay. You’re good at RB but you could try to get another piece there. Kelce is likely going to bring you a higher-caliber WR than RB though, and WR is your weakness. However, no one will likely give you someone like Diggs, Hopkins, or Adams for Kelce unless they are absolutely stacked at WR and have garbage for TEs.

Golladay or Hill might be really good targets. MAYBE Metcalf.

Forget trading Kelce, package Bell and Fant for a WR1

I would package Kelce and Woods for a top 5 WR. Might want to make sure Fant is back this week though.

I tried trading for Kelce in my league with golladay and various flex worth RB’s and couldn’t make it happen. Kelce is elite, if you’re going to trade him for a WR I think the return needs to be top at least one of the top 5 WRs

I don’t know about that. Maybe if the Kelce owner has a great team, but in both of my leagues, both the Kelce and Kittle owners are all 2-4 or worse.

With the wasteland that is the TE position, if you don’t have one of those two, no big deal because you’re pretty much on the same playing field with the other 8-10 teams who don’t have one of them. I value the TE position only slightly higher than QB. So I’ll take a WR1 or RB1 over any TE just for the fact that I can pick up a TE and have just as good a shot at production from the position as at least 8 other teams.

Thanks for the help guys…I guess I’ll wait to see what happens a to fant this week and then try to trade Kelce for a top 5 wide receiver…hoping for Adams, Holliday, hill, Thomas and Hopkins. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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I placed an offer of Travis Kelce and Jerry jeudy for davante Adams and they accepted. I’m a little nervous about losing Kelce and using fant, but am excited about getting Adams. So what do you guys think of the trade. Again thanks for the help!

I like that trade. Fant will be back eventually and will be good. You might just have to stream for one more week.

I was going to wait but the person I’m playing against this week clearly gave up already so it gave me motivation to pull the trigger. Again thanks for the advise