Travis Kelce Value

Can he find chemistry with Mahomes and the high powered KC offence, or would you trade him for an RB2 like Howard or D. Freeman

What does you’re roster look like

In a vacuum I would take howard over Kelce all day everyday. But roster construction matters

Jim Graham would slide in as TE.

Need RB help. Zeke, C. Thompson, D. Henry
Offer of Freeman is on the table, but Sarks offence is scary after week 1

Sarks offense plus he’s consistently injured. Freeman sat out all offseason to get his knee better then injured it week 1. I’m staying away there, the risk is too high even if his ceiling is high.

Jimmy Graham is a scary one to have to start, but honestly most TEs suck for fantasy. I typically punt the position anyways in favor of elite talent elsewhere so that’s my bias. Probably why I prefer Howard to Kelce too. I wouldn’t tilt trade Kelce though, he’ll have his weeks. He did this a couple times last year with bad weeks so if you’re the type to lock up TE and forget about it then I wouldn’t ship him off. Zeke and Thompson are solid starters. Henry is a solid flex but definitely concerning, especially with Mariota out. If they get behind every week they’re screwed. It’s a tough call