Travis Kelce

I need some thoughts on Kelce? I traded Kittle and Crowell away for him and now it appears Kittle may have been the better keep…buyers remorse?

Kelce is miles better then Kittle no qurstion about it. Lol, You traded garbage for a Tier 1 TE

you didnt trade garbage for a teir 1 TE. you traded a competent TE for what could be the best TE in football. i probably would have waited and seen what i had in crow before moving him. the main thing is though, dont over react!! kelce isnt something to worry about. kelce still had 6 targets, they just werent getting to him. if hill doesnt have the game of a century, kelce is much more involved. and as i dont expect every game to go that way for hill, kelce will get his day in the sun. dont week 1 panic.

This is pretty baseless statement. Kittle flashed what he was last year, an extremely athletically gifted TE. Technically, better measurables than Kelce. Now, is he better than Kelce? Probably not but remains to be seen. But he is definitely not trash. That’s why every analyst who knew what they were doing had Kittle as one of their top late round targets this year prior to injury. He showed it last night, against the most athletic LB/Safety core in the NFL.

What makes me buy into Kittle most is his usage. He played in 80% of the teams offensive snaps and was clearly one of Jimmy G’s favorite targets.

The issue with Kelce, is he no longer has Alex smith or Matt Nagy. If you think back to Mahomes, this dude basically didn’t even play with real TE for most of his collegiate career so he’s not really used to throwing to a TE. His talent and style lends itself to much better Chem than with Kelce. I think it’s still too early to jump the gun and say Kelce sucks and Kittle is the goat cause Kelce has multiple seasons of top end NFL production.

Having said all that, I’d say when you made the trade, given the information available, it was a good trade in your favor. In fantasy, you can’t be results oriented. Everyone is wrong plenty. All you can do is assess the information you have at a point in time and make the best call.

Jury is still out on crowell, but I’m personally not that hopeful.

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don’t tilt, its week one, Kelce will be a fine play down the stretch once he develops with Mahones