Tre burton vs njoku Ros

Which you got?

I lean njoku cause bears offense is gross to watch

Tough call. They’re pretty close for me. Burton is getting a tonne of usage and so is Njoku. I think that baker coming in changes things a bit for me though. It’s honestly too early to tell. I would personally just get whichever is cheaper with the slight edge to njoku.

Njoku IMO. I only don’t own him because i have hyde + jarvis in one league so it’s hard to own 3 guys on one offense. But like MikeMeUpp said, it’s still really early, Njoku really hasn’t shown more than Trey, its just the glimmer of hope we saw in the week 3 game.

Currently own tre burton but someone had dropped njoku, my bench is to rough to snag both (bell and mixon clogging it up) thanks for the advice

Get some IR slots in your league man… @Khous

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