Treadwell v Doctson

Who would you guys prefer for 2018, not 2017 in non ppr?

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Crowder lol, but in all seriousness I don’t have either making the field this year.
Vikings = Diggs, Thielen, and then Treadwell/Wright/Floyd - I think Floyd or Wright takes this spot if he doesn’t get cut.
Redskins = Pryor, Crowder, and Doctson/Quick/Thompson - All three have shown talent, but Quick is bigger and stronger.

Around that ADP you would be better off with a high upside guy like John Ross or Joe Williams.


I think he’s the better receiver, first off, and I think the situation is better. Cousins throws all over the field. Bradford throws like 5 yards in front of him. Doctson will end with more opportunities, especially if there are injuries, where I don’t think that if Diggs or Theilen go down, Treadwell’s opportunity would increase that much.

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