Tre'quan or Calvin Ridley?

ROS as an emergency backup

Ridley. I love Tre’Quan but bear in mind, there is still Ginn there and he will be back. Payton also is hell bent on showing the NFL his savvy move of rolling the dice on Meredith no matter how many fumbles or balls the guy drops.

Ridley is the legit WR3/Quasi WR2.

i think this is actually a very interesting conversation. Wit Ted Ginn on IR, Smith could be an interesting pickup and play some weeks. Ridley is a great player and owns the red zone targets. Both are in great offenses, but i think it might be ridley. Ridley has dominated red zone targets this seasn so far. Trequan has michael thomas kamara and even ingram ahead of him

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Payton is not going to give up on Meredith. Guy gives him a big hard on because it was his idea to pick pocket him from Chicago even though he was barely out of the infirmary. He wants him out there. Tre’Quan though should be the WR2 but damn near impossible to get WR2 stats with Kamara out there.

I’m a big Saints fan. Believe me, go with Ridley. Don’t want to get tangled up in the NO Wr’s mess.

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