Tre'Quan, Taylor Gabriel or Waiver - Wk 14

I’m a 12 pt underdog facing the #1 pts monster of our league.

QB: Streaming Winston
WR1: Davante Adams
WR2: Ty Hilton
WR3: ??? TreQ or Taylor Gabriel
RB1: Mixon
RB2: Michel
TE: Kittle
FLX: Gus
K: Greg Z
D: Pats

Russel Wilson

WW WRs of interest
D Parker
Chris Conley
Russel Shepard
T Williams

to be honest even with Mitch coming back this week I think I would play Chris Conley over both of them this week. Sammy is out again and KB won’t be in there yet.
I know a TD saved his game last week but the last 2 games with Sammy out he has had 8 targets and 7 last week.

TQ could put up a 20 point game but he also might put up a goose

thanks for the response!

You’d be cool with Conley even against BAL?

They gotta throw somewhere. I doubt they run the offense through Ware. Bal will have its hands full with Kelce and Hill

It’s still a risk of a 5/50 with no TD game but i think its safer bet then a goose from TQ

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Conley or Williams

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My opponent is starting Rivers so that Williams play would be hilarious if he throws another field stretching TD.

I agree with that.

I just dropped TreQ for Conley—I’ve been the one holding TreQ during those gooses and one bit me, so never again for this season at least.

If you had the choice I would have benched him and dropped Gabriel

If for some reason Hilton does not suit up or anything else I need a night time player and Gabriel has a nicer schedule if I do make it past this hump

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