Trey Boo-Boo for Kittle?

George Kittle is on waivers. Burton is my only TE now. Should I roll with Trey or put in some FAB for a Kittle/Burton swap? I can’t drop anyone on my bench (I have Baldwin, Fournette, and Rodgers, so I need all the bench help I get right now). Got $100 of FAB. It’s a .5 PPR league.

I’m in the same boat as you… Looking at their schedules both have decent match ups next 2 weeks. So makes it even harder… Hopefully someone chimes in and gives us some help haha

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I prefer Kittle to Trey Burton. Had kittle as my top late TE target this year. Now that he’s healthy and clearly Jimmy G’s target, I like him more. More so buying into Jimmy G over Trubisky too.

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Kittle can never stay healthy b careful…

Based on what? He was healthy the entire season last season and got dinged once this offseason and now he can never stay healthy? Give me a break.

I’m leaning Kittle for the same reason. I’ll put in a bid for him. Probably not much though. Maybe like $5. I got my full $100 right now and I don’t want to go to crazy this early on. Especially on the TE position.

I would spend way more than $5 to lock up a potential top 8 TE in this wasteland with 2 of the top 6 guys out for the season. Kittle doesn’t belong on waivers.

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