Trey Burton and I. Crowell for Cooper Kupp?

Standard league. 12 team. I’m being offer cooper for my tray burton and I. Crowell.

I have Fitzgerald, Baldwin, quincy euniwa,Chris Hogan, Kenny Golladay. I’m hurting in wrs.

I have ertz as my te. Burton is on my bench.

RBS. Conner,bell,barber,powell,crowell.

12 team league. Deal or no deal??

Id say deal absolutely. Would also try to make another move though to bolster your RB corps. If Bell got trade you would be golden, but right now it looks like Conner is getting replaced week 8.

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He wanted Conner but I need him for 2 weeks.

Yes! That would be a massive steal.

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This is a steal. I don’t really value crowell much personally. You also already have quincy and you’re not going to play both ever.

Also kupp is a TD machine so his value in standard is pretty big.

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Oh I wasn’t saying trade Conner. I am saying after you do this trade, you need to get some more RB help

Yes I do. I’m 3-1 in the league.