Trey Burton for Tyler Boyd? 1/2 PPR

I have been decimated by injuries in this particular league to an extent I didn’t feel possible but I have managed to retain value at the TE position by drafting Trey “bubu” Burton and picking OJ Howard up off of the waiver wires.

I’m currently targetting a guy that could use the upgrade at TE but he wants Trey instead of OJ for Tyler Boyd. My receivers are currently Julio Jones and a cycle of waiver wire plugins. While I’m reluctant after Trey’s last game, I am desperate. Advise me please!

Yes, I would do it.

I would take it. OJ should be fine and Boyd had a couple bad games but will be fine.

Thank y’all. I needed a little nudge.

@log_land @CrimsonWill How do you feel it compares against Howard for Geronimo?

I like Boyd more than Geronimo by a good amount, but I think Burton and Howard are very similar. I think we saw Burton’s best game last week. He’ll be fine, but not a yardage monster.

I prefer Boyd to Allison honestly, and I feel that if I had to hold one right now it would be OJ.

Take Boyd. He’s got the trust and gaining volume (last week was a dud).

excellent, thank y’all.