Trey Burton on bye what do I do

my bench is Sammy Watkins Mike Williams Corey Davis Leonard Fournet Alex Collins
I have no idea who drop to pick up TE streamer

or take a 0 and let it have empty spot

Thanks in Advance

I would take the 0 over dropping any of those guys for a TE that might get you anywhere from 2-10 fantasy points if lucky.

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Yup, take the 0 this week and keep your guys. TE is impossible to reduce anyway so not worth the risk

How valuable is Watkins? There are 30 WRs in his catagory and many on the waiver, by my estimation. If you are in a position to take a loss, I guess this works but if you need to win, a couple of those WRs are expendable (assuming other decent WRs should still be on your waiver week 6).

Yeah I don’t think anyone else would pick up an injured Watkins. Drop him IMO

I had Burton and Bears D as the only TE and D on my team this week. Just dropped Ginn for Yeldon, M Williams for McDonald, and R Wilson for 49ers D.

My logic? Had to have Yeldon. WRs are generally expendable (my other WRs are Obj, Diggs, Boyd and J Brown, so not playing Ginn or Williams over any of them) and if something happens to Cousins, I’ll stream QBs.

You could always try a 2 for 1 trade to upgrade a position and that would make room to add a TE

Well as of now opposite team has Brady so im down 39-0 so Ill just let the team be without TE this week

if there are decent TE’s with any ROS potential, then i think it’s ok to drop Watkins, or maybe even Collins if you are set up very well at RB already. the brady performance tonight isn’t insurmountable.

if the TE’s available are absolute no names, i don’t think it’s a good idea to drop any of those guys. they all have legitimate ROS value.

I’m in same situation, except havng to drop Marvin Jones Jr. And I am down 53, since opponent had Edelman, Ghost and Ebron of all players. Worst, he has great players like Gurley and Green still to play. And, I am already 1-3 and likely will be 1-4 after the weekend.

That said, I have a pretty good team too, and I’d hate myself if I were to come all the way back and lose by less than ten. So Saturday Jones Jr goes, I add RSJ or Hooper, and battlefight. I may still lose by 50, and lose a good WR in the process, but I will be OK.

Think Hooper makes the most sense between those two.