Trey Burton or O.J. Howard

Full point PPR

Who should start and why?

Howard now and ROS. He’s getting more targets and his QB prefers the TE, also he has the athleticism to take plays for huge gains and to the house which offers you a solid enough floor (for a TE!) and a massive ceiling. Tampa’s D is so bad and Winston is a yardage machine and will have to be all year so opportunity will be consistent ROS.

Burton is a no because he is getting very low volume, and is TD dependant at this point. Also the jury is still out on his QB. Bears D is better and could game script passing volume to low levels, further impacting his opportunity.

If you are rostering both i would either drop Burton for someone on waivers or see is you can trade for something of need. Maybe WR or RB depth, possibly high upside like Callaway or Ito Smith.

It’s a dynasty league so dropping Burton is out of the question.

Thank you for your input.

No worries and yes if i knew it was dynasty prior i would not have said to drop of course.