Trey Burton trade worth it?

Hey Ballers,

Do y’all think this is an equitable trade? I have been trying to get Trey burton from another player and this is his most recent counter offer. It makes me nervous, but I think it may be worth it. Would love to get your thoughts.


  • Dalvin Cook
  • Ricky Seals-Jones


  • Trey Burton
  • Dion Lewis


As a fellow Cook owner I don’t think I want to give him up this early in the season. That could be a lot of points you’re trading away.

I’m considering offering Lamar miller instead of Dalvin Cook:

Lamar miller
Ricky Seals-Jones

Trey Burton
Dion Lewis

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Yeah this is good, I like cook a lot more than miller

Yea that looks more like a fair deal. But I am not so sure about Trey? Do you all think he would end up as a TE1?

I hope so lol

I have faith in Trey. Week one was bad, but I think that was at least somewhat attributable to subpar passing. He was targetted 6 times and I think those numbers are repeatable.