Trey Lance Drafted?!

In a 10-player, Standard League I got the 2nd pick. and kept getting sniped at QB in later rounds. Brady, Tanner, and Ryan all taken when I was just like please let someone fall. By the 12th Rd we had 16 QBs off the board, and I felt screwed. So I went rogue, and I went Trey Lance. If he gets the start I would put him in Week 1 since they have the Lions, but I also got the lowest score in the draft. I realize draft grades aren’t great, but damn I got my lowest ever.

If Lance doesn’t get the start I can always pivot to Cousins or Bridgewater since they have good matchups. Was I wrong with the Lance pick?

QB: Trey Lance
RB: CMC, Mixon, Carson, Mostert, Gaskin
WR: Ridley, Julio, DJ Moore, Golladay, A.Brown
TE: Hockenson
Def: Washington
K: Zuerlein
Yahoo Grade: D

Yes, shoulda drafted Cousins. He’s a top 12 QB. Lance won’t start Week 1, and I’d axually be flabbergasted if a guy who played one year of college football two years ago (and averaged 178 passing yards per game against FCS competition) is ready to start in the NFL at any point this season.