Trey Quinn

What do we expect from this guy? He’s the starting slot receiver for the Redskins, but not listed in the UDK.

Ha! I think you answered your own question.

I would also suggest that the Redskins WR lineup is not yet set in stone. I’ve seen the quote “pretty much locked down”, however its training camp and they haven’t even played a preseason game.

If the drumbeat continues, I expect him to be added to the UDK projections.

I’m in a pretty deep league and am looking at Terry McLaurin actually.

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my expectations are pretty simple. either he is irrelevant even in the deepest of dynasties, or at the very best i see him as something like WR30. so i wont prioritize him in the slightest, he is pure potential, especially with the QBs there right now. i would expect him to end up in the WR60 range if he gets the slot duties full time, with growth potential. so dynasty only.

Thanks for the quick responses!

Pretty much at best a flyer in dynasty.