Trey Sermon Droppable Now?

So is he a drop now, anyone think he he is worth holding?

After a week 1 IA and a week 2 of zero snaps there’s clearly an issue and he can’t be a hold after this right?

I’m gonna wait until there’s clarity as to whether or not he’ll ever eat solid foods again.

That was nasty.


I’ve just picked up Mattison, just in case. Will drop him if Cook is fine and just add Wilson to the IR and move on from the 49er backs for a while it’s a mess.

Cook is back in but not a bad idea to have Mattison for the few games every year Cook misses.

Is Sermon even healthy at this point. He looked hurt on the one carry he did get.

Yeah can hold him or maybe see if the Cook owner wants him after the scare this week.

Sermon looked to take a massive hit and to be honest even healthy he’s just not part of this backfield. The one touch he got was with the other guys out and hurt so he’s clearly last on the depth chart. Wilson could be the lead man when he’s back, Mitchell will be banged up after 4/6 more weeks of 18/20 touches.