Trey Sermon dropped

Sermon was dropped. I’m pretty desperate at RB with Chubb, Mike Davis, T Williams, Fournette. Should I burn my #2 waiver for Sermon on the chance he locks in some playing time going forward? Half PPR


After Mostert, Sermon is the back most likely to succeed on the year in Shanahan’s stable. He was a third-round pick that they traded up to get, they’re not going to just play Carrion Johnson over him or something.

If he’s not injured, Sermon is “the man” (or as close to “the man” as Shanahan gets) going forward.

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Thanks AxeElf. Yeah, if he can put up mid/low end RB2 #s it might save my season. 1-2 start in that league. I put in my claim immediately when I saw the drop but as I wait for it to clear, I keep trying to talk myself out of it.