Trey Sermon FAAB price

So a taco in our 10 team 0.5 ppr league dropped Trey Sermon for Freeman after the news broke. How much FAAB should I drop for him? I also have Mostert, as my 3rd RB (pending Ekeler’s health), so securing that backfield with standalone value would be nice. Just don’t know if I want to go further north than 50% before the season starts.

I would go north of 50%. Sermon and Mostert may not be ideal but getting a nice running back with upside this early in the season as a potential season long piece that can win you a ship is rare and exactly what you want to spend your faab on. Last year I outbid the 2nd guy on Jefferson by 40$ but it did not feel bad at all.
On the other side know your league.
Also what you could do is to actively shop mostert after this week (could be a nice one) to not have both on one roster.

Good Luck!

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