Tricky keeper debate: Keeping players on the same team

Hey everyone! I’m in a 3 keeper League where you franchise one player and then out 3 into a random draw where you get to keep 2. It’s a half ppr, superflex and I traded away my 2nd round pick last year but have two 5ths.
My options are below and I’m wondering if it’s smart to try and keep both the Lions cause they are at a good value but the offense isn’t spectacular. What are your guys thoughts?

Keenan Allen - 3rd round
Aaron Jones - 5th round
Kerryon Johnson - 5th round
Zach Ertz - 4th round
Kenny Golladay - 6th round
Dante Pettis - 12th round

Thanks everyone

If it were me,

Aaron Jones

Kerryon Johnson (and pray he gets picked)
Zach Ertz - I wouldn’t take him in the late 2nd where I usually see him go but for a 4th, that’s amazing value.
Pettis - basically free

It’s a tough call overall, but Keenan is going in the 3rd (early) so there is a chance you can still get him at that value and I like Kenny G, I don’t think having him and Kerryon would be a bad combo, I just think there is more value in the other spots. You could probably switch Kerryon and Aaron Jones if you want, but I would take Jones.

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Thanks for the reply! That’s super helpful hearing someone else say what I’ve been thinking.

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I’m in agreement with Andrew.

You could also just as easily swap Golladay for Pettis. Both are good value