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Tricky RB Situation


I am one of the unfortunates who had Dalvin Cook and scrambled to find a suitable RB. I got Andre Ellington b/c Aaron Jones was already taken. My question now is, do I start Ellington @PHI or do I keep Tarik Cohen in vs MIN? Initially I thought who would ever play a non top-5 RB vs MIN but Abdullah was able to put up nearly 100 yards and a TD against MIN’s defense. So I was just curious what people think about Cohen and this match up.


I expect Ellington to have a great game. Arizona can’t run the ball right now so the dump offs might be their best option. He was looked at alot last week. Cohen should be fine also but who knows with a Quarterback’s first gig how things will turn out for him. By the way, I am assuming it’s PPR…