Trio TE fiasco

Hey guys!
So I goofed a bit late during my draft this year. I picked up Gesicki in the 11th round of my draft and a lot of my ultra late round draft picks disappeared before my eyes (about 2-3 rounds ahead of ADP). I noticed a lot of people were missing TE’s so I ended up snagging Jarwin and Hooper as well. Partly out of panick and partly with hopes of trading one who produces well early.

All this being said I’m lacking a bit of depth on my WR’s Bench and was thinking of picking up Paris Campbell with whoever I can decide to drop out of these 3 TE’s.

My league is a 4pt QB PPR. 12 man league.

Thanks FootClan any help you can give.

I personally like Jarwin a lot this year, but also feel that all TEs outside of the top 3 are all hit or miss on a week. So I personally think you should just pick one and get two more spots for your depth in WR or RB. I think this is especially the case in this year of COVID. TEs will be able to be streamed if one goes down and you will probably get similar production out of the position.