Triple S Showdown charity tournament, dont miss out on the next big thing

For all you who missed out on the scott fish bowl this is your chance to particpate in the next big thing while trying to win some cash and help a great charity…10 leagues 12 teams each 120 teams to crown the very best in fantasy football…top 12 places will get paid out, 15 dollar buy in every 5 dollars goes to charity…the charity is called my stuff bags and it was created to help kids who show up in orphanages with nothing, our donation will go towards giving some of these kids things they need, clothes, shoes, school materials, etc…I have a full breakdown of the rules set up and how playoffs in a google doc… we have almost five leagues filled (over 50 members) do miss out on the next big thing and dont miss out on doing something good for people who need it…CMON FOOTCLAN WHATS 15 DOLLARS.

if interested email me

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