Trouble at TE!

Both bad options, but should I start Seals-Jones or Jared Cook?

Try not to throw up when answering.

I playing Cook this week, seals burned me last week.

I’m very disappointed in my TE situation this year and am in 1st place, so i feel your pain.

The only reason Seals-Jones is in consideration at all was because Gresham is out this week in AZ. Curious if that is enough to move his potential in the right direction?

I did not see that Gresham was out, apologies.

Dal has allowed 8th most pts against TE, supposedly Cook is nursing a wrist injury.

Then theres a healthy seals, now starting. Thats hard and I might pick Seals back up. Thoughts?

I suppose Cook is still the safer play. He can shit the bed in good matchups every now and then, but that’s fantasy.

Any success Seals-Jones has had could have been pure fluke. Even with Gresham out I’m just not sure if he’s the guy that can put up points.

I really don’t know. Leaning with Cooks I guess.

I just threw up.