Trouble for Kamara

Hey guys, I am starting to get concerned about Kamara’s ROS outlook. With Kamara being banged up, the acquisition of Ingram and now Taysom coming in at QB, I am concerned they will vulture TD’s and tank my playoff run. Should I still consider Kamara an RB1 until proven otherwise? Your thoughts?

Once he’s back I’d think saints have him heavily involved. You’ll not get fair value for him right now so it’s really just a case of hoping he is what you hope he can be rest of season

I have been and am currently concerned about Kamara. Please note that any concern or optimism is based on a range of outcomes. Concern does not equate to bad player or bad performance. My expected range of outcomes just leans to the negative side.

I don’t look at players on any of my teams as my “RB1” or my “RB2”. Prefer to evaluate players at the best play of the week. Likely you are starting Kamara on your team as part of that evaluation, but the peripherals lower the should affect that evaluation (Taysom Hill starting - see last years stats, injured, offense struggling, competition with Mark Ingram).