Trouble with Tight Ends

I have Hayden Hurst and Trey Burton but I’m not 100% sold on their matchups so I went out and snagged Eric Ebron for cheap on my waiver wire but now I don’t know which of the three to start. Oh and this is all in standard scoring. Thanks a bunch in advance!

Well let’s talk it out.
Hayden Hurst could be in line for more work now that Ridley is probably sidelined.
Burton is probably the lead TE and Rivers loves the tight ends…but it’s Rivers.
Ebron has a favorable matchup coming up and Big Ben is not really throwing it down the field. At least I heard a stat this week that he’s not throwing it 20+ yards as much…but too many weapons there.
Matt Ryan throws it a lot more than Big Ben and Rivers so I would go with Hurst.
Also, Hurst is ranked as the number 9 ranked TE for the week.