Trubisky versus Garopolo

I am in .5 ppr / 2 QB start up dynasty league. I have Stafford and Rivers as my QB 1 and 2. I need a back up for injury and Bye weeks. Have narrowed my choices to Trubisky and Garopolo. I need advice from the Footclan on who to choose. I lean towards Trubisky because he has new coach Nagy who was OC at Kansas City and prefers a passing game.

Garopolo, by a lot. I like Mitch, and think he can be good. Garopolo is good. Right now. Really, really good. And if you want an offensive coach to hitch your wagon to, you can do a lot worse than Shanny Jr.


Jimmy G, he is much better, but I agree that Trubisky will improve.

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Yah I agree with the others. If I had a choice I’d go Jimmy GQ. He even did well in NE when he had to start for suspended Brady. Got to SF and had literally no one and still killed it. More weapons and knows the playbook now.

Yep pretty standard. Take GQ and hope that triskets

Should probably finish that before hitting reply…

And hope that triskets

SON OF A BITCH I did it twice haha. And hope that he doesnt break out hard. I dont expect him to, and GQ has shown he can play even with no o line, and missing pierre

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Jimmy G all the way… Kyle made Kirk a relevant starter and Matty Ice the MVP.


Anyone else wondering how these guys are still an option AFTER where Rivers and Stafford are picked in a dynasty 2QB start-up?

What does the rest of the team look like? What round are you in? How many QBs are on other teams already?

It’s 2Qb, you need four on the roster.

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Can’t give enough ‘likes’ to this.

I was wondering similarly.

Nothing new here, but I would like Jimmy GQ. I would settle on Trubisky, but select JGQ.