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Truby or Wilson this week?


All I have for options/available are: (Top 5 on WW: Flacco, Keenum, Bortles, Prescott or Alex Smith.) :smirk:



Any thoughts???


Tough call.

Wilson will be playing from behind so will have to throw or run a lot which can be good and bad

Truby should be ahead plus it could be cold so could be a RB game script


I’d go with Wilson imo


@Wentz1013 and @falcones404. Thanks guys. I reckon my dilemma here is that I was leaning towards Wilson, but going back and forth, back and forth with it because I also have Gurley and Kupp in that same game.

Just always a little nervous I reckon, having too many players starting from one game just in case it ends up being one of those tug-of-war type games that ends up basically in a stalemate and very few points scored by anybody.

Plus, tho Truby hasn’t been too bad until last week, and that was against BUF of all teams. :thinking: