Trust Carson?

Are we starting Carson if he plays this week?

I have to flex start 2 of these 5: Carson, Renfrow, Hasty, Reagor, Perine

Please help

Think he’s a true game time decision. I think I’d leave him benched altogether or Hasty benched incase you need to swap him with Carson to fill out the lineup. I’d probably go Carson / Hasty and Perine. Renfrow game I’ve read has some awful weather and I’m unsure to trust Reagor first game back

As it stands I’m leaning towards starting both Carson and Hasty, and then having Reagor as the pivot for Carson since he plays Sunday night. The fact that all 3 are playing later games gives me some flexibility.

That said, Carson could be limited, Hasty could be a trap with Coleman playing, and Reagor is first game back from an injury.

Perine looks to have a clear role and probably a safer play, but he plays the morning game so I’d have to make a decision now. It’s either a safer floor play with Perine (though he’s still a jet) or a potential ceiling play in Reagor.

Deejay Dallas is also on my waiver wire and could end up the only RB in Seattle.