Trust Dak?

Can I trust Dak today or do I play the more favorable matchup with Mariota vs Colts? Dalton and Tyrod are still on the waiver wire so I could also grab one of them

You’ll see me on two other threads, but I went Dalton. 3 TDs last week.

In Dak’s favor, Tyron is set to return, so maybe that fixes things? I’ll take an easy matchup against the Browns over Dak trying to fix things against Bosa and Ingram.


I don’t think you start Dak with those two sitting on waivers. Both have very favorable match ups but Dalton has the upside since he’s going against Cleveland. Sit Dak and see how he plays this week, Tyron is back but that Chargers D is up there. Sit and see this week, don’t cut though.


Personally I’m sitting Dak this week and I would do it for Mariota and Taylor.


This is like a Dak support group, I love it haha. We all hurt together last week.