Trust Issues

Issue #1
I’m having second thoughts on Adam Thielen. I’m not sure if I can trust Cousins to complete any passes and this creates an issue with my starting line up. Thielen is projected 23.7pts and my next options are Chark(Q) 15.2 and Boyd 17.3 projections. Some advice please.

Issue #2
Hines is my RB2 in my current lineup with Ekeler as my RB1. I do have Kelley on my bench. With the no show of Hines in the last game, would it be wise with the potential surge of offense to consider running both LAC RBs as my starters at RB1 and RB2.

The Jacksonville situation is arguably worse with the target spread there.

Boyd is closer, but Burrow hasn’t zeroed in yet, so I’d likely still stick with Thielen.

As for the Chargers RBs I see no issue with running them both.

I’d play both charger receivers for sure.