Trust the process or move on?

I love my team on paper, but I’m 0-2 with by far the least amount of points scored. Should I trust the process or try to make some changes. If I should makes changes, where should I start?

QB: Newton, Allen
RB: Elliot, Gurley, Carson, Mostert
WR: JuJu, Woods, Anderson, Fuller
TE: Waller, Hooper

Your team does looked stacked. I’d be inclined to stay put with your core, and maybe move a QB and TE to take a shot on some upcoming WRs. Not sure if Brown, McLaurin, or KC WRs are on the waivers.

I agree with this. I’d stay put. You can drop Newton and possibly hooper if better talent is on the waivers

I think your team looks pretty good unless its a 2QB league. I think you need more depth and WR. Anderson is pretty useless without Darnold and Fuller is boom or bust. I’d look on the waiver wire for another solid flex WR.

Few different options available for waivers, should I pick up Hardman, Deebo Samuel, or grab Golden Tate a week early considering I’m not going to start either over woods or JuJu this week.

any of those options would be good, id rank them Hardman, Tate, Deebo, Tate only being #2 because of his upside with a young QB…If youre taking Tate its because youre comfortable with your team and youre looking for a diamond in the rough. I dropped Hooper for Waller after week 1 so I think you could get rid of him and Cam for sure.