Trusting Alex Collins

Can you trust Alex Collins this week?
His ypc was still pedestrian and most of his pts came from 2 tds last week.

Can you trust him this week against the saints? Or would you rather flex Ek or Barber?

barber is fools good imo, ek is making his worth off very limited touches which is stressful but could be rewarding, collins seems like safest play especially after promising usage last week

I would try to sell Collins and barber and try to get a safer option. I don’t really like any of those RBs other than EK but that’s mostly because of the Handcuff value.

Would Mccaffery be asking for the moon for those 2?
a guy in my league added allen today. so he seems like the primary target for the 2/1 there…
I do already have funchess and olsen though and dont wanna over expose to one team.