Try and Move Godwin?

Should I try and move Godwin after last night for a high end RB if someone will bite. Or do you think Godwin is going to keep this up all year.

other WR
Hopkins, Robert Woods, Watkins, Kupp so I should be fine without Godwin unless he keeps up this pace.

Zeke (got with 6th pick in 2nd round), Josh Jacobs, Devonta Freeman, Breida and Coleman.

I’m assuming you mean Godwin.

Honestly I would hold. Your team looks pretty balanced. Idk who your TE is, but maybe package him in for a Kittle right now would be a good trade to make.

Yeah, I think you’re right to move a WR to improve RB (or TE?). The only hesitation I would have is that you’re doubled up on LAR WRs in the 4 that would be left after the trade. Maybe wait until the rest of the week 2 games and move Woods or Kupp?

I don’t know if anyone will bite to the trade move, but I also believe he will be solid this year, maybe you can try to move Kupp and either Breida and Coleman for a solid RB to a team with a weakness in the WR

I would hold on Godwin and try to move Kupp, Woods is the much better option for LAR WRs. Maybe try to sell Brieda with him to see what kind of haul you could get.

I cant believe it auto corrected to Godson that many times without me catching it…

I dropped OJ Howard for Hockenson last week. So far that is looking like the right move at TE after last night.

Unfortunetly there is no IR spot in this league so I have to keep Coleman in a bench spot.

@Badgertrav, it happened again.