Try to buy low on DJ?

12 team .5 PPR league. QB 2RB 2WR FLEX 1TE with 7 man bench and an IR spot. 6 teams make the playoffs. I’ve got Freeman, Melv Gordon, Gillislee, Abdullah and just picked up Buck Allen. DJ owner only has Riddick, CJ Anderson, and Fat Rob Kelley.

I’m wanting to grab DJ for one of Abdullah, Gillislee, or Buck. Think I have a shot? DJ owner won the league last year, and is reeling after starting with a loss. I’ve got Luck in my IR spot, but with the deep benches I don’t think it’d hurt to hold Luck and DJ.

Thoughts as to which player to offer?

If this is a keeper league it may be worth it, but with the news that DJ is likely out most of the season (week 16 return?) I don’t really see the value in a redraft league.

Two to three months. If it’s two that’s 8-10 games, so around week 11. Enough time for him to be back for the playoffs. Worth the gamble?

I don’t think so. I think I’d try to use the name to trade for another quality player. A lot of it is going to depend on how the Cardinals fair this season. If they’re as bad as I think they will be there’s no reason to rush DJ back to playing.

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