Try to buy low on K. Hunt?

Considering making an offer to buy low on Hunt after a poor Week 1. Do you guys think it’s worth doing? I know week 1 is too early to overreact, but was his game/usage an outlier or the new norm?

10 team, PPR

My RBs aren’t too bad – Dav. Johnson, Mixon, K. Drake, D. Lewis, T. Coleman, Brieda
WRs – M. Thomas, D. Thomas, D. Adams

It’s definitely worth it, but what do you consider buying low?

I guess what I meant by “buying low” was making an offer after a bad week. Not sure what the offer would be yet… just gathering opinions if he’s worth going after.

He’s definitely worth going after, but for reference, I prefer all 3 of your top guys to him (and have all offseason).

Wishing I had played Lewis :worried: I had no idea how the Titans backfield would shake out

I still don’t think we do. I think he’d be a nice piece to offer to try to pry Hunt away.

Just about to make another post on that subject as we speak lol