Try to get Julio for playoff schedule?

This is my current team now:
Russel Wilson
Kareem Hunt
Alvin Kamara
Mike Evans
Dez Bryant
Austin Stefarian-Jenkins
Ted Ginn Jr
Jags Defense
Bench: Melvin Gordon(bye), Derrick henry, Ekeler, Corey Davis, Dede Westbrook, and Josh Gordon(I’m 7-1 and have faith in Gordon)

Do you guys think I should try and buy somewhat low on Julio Jones? I would trade Dez Bryant and Ted Ginn Jr for him. Jones hasn’t been so hot lately but his playoff schedule looks great. The owner of my league says he’s on the trade block. Just don’t know if I should try to get him.

My opinion is that Julio, despite playing well below expectations, is just too good. He will eventually have big games. He’s too good to play so mediocre for an entire season.

So if you can get him and only have to give up Dez and Ginn, then yes I would absolutely do it.