Try to trade Burton to upgrade QB and get McDonald?

14 team league. One guy who is starting O’Shaugnessy due to McDonald on bye also has Cam, Cousins and Wentz. As a Russell and Burton owner, I was thinking of trying to float Burton for Cousins/McDonald? Cousins is of no use to him on his bench. I also just picked up Uzomah so could roll ROS with those two and use Cousins with Russell covering his bye. Thoughts?

I have Burton too, been trying to trade him but haven’t liked the offers. You’re making a good offer for both teams as far as I can tell. I was really low on the Seahawks before the season and I feel like that was an accurate assessment of Seattle. Russell Wilson is still awesome but I would definitely prefer Cousins if you could pull that deal off.

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Yeah man Mike and them make a good point that Burton just does not get the volume and that worries me. Yeah I’m gonna float that and see if he likes it. Hopefully you can find someone that wants Burton cuz he does have that name recognition at least.

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He looked like the man after preseason, lol. I took Ebron in the 15th as a flyer and he’s been my guy since week 3. Feels weird saying that but its been a weird year in the NFL. Burton’s best attribute is basically being the goaline back. He gets those “receptions” that are handoffs at the goal line.

I’m probably just going to keep him because Ebron will have Doyle and Hilton returning, and he never stays healthy. But if a good deal comes up I would trade him for sure.

So now I guess the Cousins owner countered with just Cousins for my Burton…that would obviously upgrade me at QB (Russell owner) but TE I would only have Uzomah and he has a bye coming up and there is literally no one on waivers (Swaimm, Clay, etc) so I might try to push the Cousins/McDonald again or just do nothing and stream Trubisky this week. Thoughts?