Try to trade DJ for Bell and another WR?

I’m going to be 3-3 after this week and I’m concerned about the week 12 bye having Dalvin Cook and DJ. Should I try to capitalize on DJ’s big week and go for Bell and another WR if I can? My team is currently Kyler Murray, Amari Cooper, Michael Thomas, DJ, Dalvin, Waller and a bench of Curtis Samuel, Dede Westbrook, Royce Freeman, Devin Singletary and AJ Green. I’m also a bit worried about my matchup next week and the following week considering Amari Cooper will be in jeopardy of not playing and then has a bye week after that.

What is available on your waivers? is this standard 6 point QB? Half or full PPR? I would keep DJ.

Tell me your waiver options for WR and RB.

half point ppr. Everyone is on their game in this league so there’s not much available at all. Top available are Paul Richardson, Goodwin, Pettis, Coutee….basically all un-startable guys for the time being.

You won’t get Bell, he has a kick ass schedule from week 8-14. Good luck with that. I would start digging into rbs waivers. You only gave me wr waivers. Is Devin Singletary available? You know what, if Brandon Bolden from patriots availble, PICK HIM UP NOW!!! He got 10 points week 5 and and 12 points week 6. Thats a very good pick up. Also pick up I. smith or G. Edwards, I understand they are backups but all it takes is 1 injury and you will have yourself a starter.

yeah I have Singletary on my bench currently along with Royce Freeman and Chase Edmonds. Barber, Ito, Gus and Bolden are all there so I may have to just keep loading up on handcuffs. I still think there’s a shot to get Bell though, but yeah the matchups are very appealing for him. Would you consider holding DJ and trading Dalvin Cook for him and a good WR? I’m also considering just going with what I have for now and hoping Singletary can become a big asset and that Cooper manages to play this week

Singletary is going to snap , watch him rise big time moving forward. So you are set with one, I would drop freeman and get Bolden as he will help you for cooks absence. Right there you are set on rbs for week 12 bye week.

As far as wide receivers. Ride with curtis samuel in the mean time, no point of unbalancing your team right now for 1 wide receiver you are short for. I trust curtis samuel more than westbrook. This is only temporary, cooper will come back soon.

Yeah they are saying no structural damage, just a bad bruise. Wouldn’t be surprised if he misses next week though so he can have two weeks to heal. Would you start Singletary this week? It’s Miami, so I think I’m going to, but Gore is still hanging around and has been productive.

HELL YEAH!! I have him as well. Without no doubt I will start D. Singletary vs Miami. Keep in mind that D. SIngletary is the RB1 in that team, gore will lose workload. So don’t worry too much about him.

yeah and he’s a pass-catching threat. High hopes for him the rest of the year

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