Try to trade Julio?

Do I try to trade Julio for an RB1 - i.e. Hunt or Gordon standard

Wr depth - Julio / Edelman / alshon Jeffrey / Watkins / Landry

RB depth - fournette / Miller / clement / breida / Ingram

My rbs have struggled all year, Julio isn’t catching tds to try to trade the name

Your timing isn’t great. Julio is clearly your WR1, so I don’t think you should give him up. Maybe you can package Miller and Fournette to someone who’s high on Fournette in your league. If someone would give you Mixon, CMC or better for Fournette + Miller, I would do it.

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I would not trade him. He did the same thing last year. He’s going to get some TD’s and likely a big fat game when you need it.

Fournette is almost back. He should be fine. Nothing will change, he will still get most of the work and the GL work. Ingram will also be great. That was a tough Ravens D and they were hell bent on stopping him.

Your team is similar to mine but have to hang on for the second act and watch the waiver wire. Going to be some steals.

I meant Fournette will be back. 2 more weeks. Hang in there.