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Trying fantasy football for the first time


Hey all - I have some friends/family who are casual football fans. They’ve said they would be willing to try fantasy. So, I’m looking for ideas on what type of league to try. I may only have 6 people, possibly 8. Honestly, I don’t know if they’d know people outside of the top 100. I’m thinking maybe VERY simplified rosters with 2 QBs. Something like this -
2 QBs/1 RB/ 1WR/ 1 TE/ 1 Flex.

I figure everyone knows QBs, so that may be a good place to start. Also, I hate drafting defense and kickers anyway, so that's just a bonus. Thoughts? Suggestions? And, has anyone run a 6 team league before? Is it just too small?  

 Also-handicapping....I want to have a team, but I'd rather not destroy all the noobs. Funny, but probably not fun or encouraging. Plus, one is my wife haha. All thoughts are appreciated!


Im quite new to this community myself and have only been doing fantasy football for a couple of seasons so not as veterened as some on here but hopefully this helps.

I have never done a 6 person league always a 12 and I feel that with 6 maybe a bit too small would definitely look at bumping it up to at least 8. Then again you did mention they are casual fans so drafting 6 plus say 4 on the bench would make it 60 people gone? Which would keep them more interested throughout the season drafting more house hold names.

For casual fans I wouldn’t get to into Defences and Kickers and look at a PPR format which may be easier to track and would be something to introduce in later seasons if this one kicks off.

2 QB
1 RB
1 WR
1 TE
1 Flex
Bench X4

Seems an okay set up for first timer casual fans.

Hope this helps and your league kicks off :slight_smile:


Yeah a bench would be good haha. Thanks for the reply and suggestions!


I think that the format that you have listed is good for a league filled with teams that are new to fantasy football. After a few season you can make changes, assuming everyone is having a good time and stay interested. The most important part of fantasy is having fun and it looks like you will accomplish that with this league.

If you have any other questions just ask. I have been playing for almost 20 years and the FootClan still helps me out all the time.


Hey thanks! I do have one other question - what host should I use? I’m thinking ESPN or NFL, I kinda want something they’ve heard of before. But it’s not necessary


I have used both and ESPN is better by far.

I know some people that have used Yahoo and like it. I don’t have any experience with that platform so I can’t give you an opinion on it. If you have any other questions just ask.


Yea, that should be ok for a league of beginners. Going to be some STACKED teams, but that should make it fun. I’d go with ESPN. It’s probably the most user-friendly of the several ones used (ESPN, NFL.com, MFL).


Thanks guys. I went ahead with ESPN. I’m actually really looking forward to the league. My 10 year old nephew is getting a team with his dad and they want me to explain how to play. I’m looking forward more to the teaching than anything else. Except the trash talking. G-rated trash talking, but trash talking nonetheless.


I am a fan of yahoo. I hear espn crashes week 1 annually.


I know last year the ESPN fantasy app crashed for most of the 1PM games week 1, besides that I can’t think of any other problems that they have had recently. My memory isn’t great though so I could be forgetting something.


It definitely crashed week 1 last year, but I’ve been using it for a decade and can remember maybe one other significant crash.


I may be too late to the party here but think it would be better to at least have 2 WRs in there and possibly 2RB. 5 or 6 bench spots…

If you went with 2QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1 Flex, 5 bench… with 6 teams, that’s still only 78 players drafted (104 for 8 teams)

I love that you’re trying to make sure everyone enjoys it and keep it easy… but at the very least, I would go up to 2 WRs.


Thanks, definitely not too late. We’re not drafting until later next week. I’m thinking of going with this, similar to what you said - 1 QB, 1 RB , 1 WR, 2 WR/RB Flex, TE, and the benches. It may be a good middle ground adding the flexes, but still not sure