Trying for Zeke Trade - too much?

Trying to hit a home run and add zeke to my already 6-1 team. 10 team 0.5 PPR. Trying to put together an offer he will accept but not cripple me. Thinking Cousins, McKinnon & Mixon. What do you guys think?

My team

His team

I would make that trade all day if I were you. If I were him I would never take it though. It’s 3 “ok” guys for one of the best RB’s in the league. My best advice would be to try and sell the suspension to him and get him worried he won’t have Zeke for the playoffs or something and see if you can get him to bite.

If you were the Zeke owner, is there something I could put together? Guy is in clear need of a qb and cousins has been on fire lately

The only way I’d even consider it is if I was getting a decent RB back. You could try to package Cousins and Martin together and see if he is interested. I personally would never move a top 3 RB for a QB no matter who it was but it’s definitely worth the shot. Start low and offer him your initial trade, if/when he rejects that, move up to Cousins and Martin and see if he shows more interest.

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unfortunately, with HIS roster he needs to make this trade. Rodgers injury screwed him.

That’s my thought with the deal. If he turns down the first I’ll up it to Doug Martin since I won’t need him if I get Zeke