Trying to acquire Aaron Jones! Giving up Kamara - take it? Roster inside!

Footclan! First off, I’m a Packer fan. Hence why I want Jones!

I was offered my Kamara, Watson for Aaron Jones, Brees.

It’s easy to think that this is an even trade. But should I take it? Is Kamara better ROS?

Here’s my roster:

QB: Dak and Watson
WR: Green, Baldwin, Benjamin, Demaryius, Parker, Ginn
RB: McCoy, Freeman, Hunt, Kamara, Abdullah

I’d rather have Kamara and to me personally it isn’t that close.


That’s what I’m thinking too. The packer fan in me wants Jones though. This is also half PPR, and that’s where Kamara is so valuable.

You don’t need a qb and neither does he,so no not fair.

Leave your fandom at the door. Do not do this trade. PPR Kamara is better than Jones.


Don’t betray you’re boi jones no but fr idk this is SO HARD FOR me its like jones is that guy that isn’t consistent with alot of yeards per play but stop there 1 big play comes out of no where i say go with you’re heart <3

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Thanks. I’m leaning towards keeping Kamara. He’s been sending me offers for Kamara, so I’m wondering if I can get a significant piece in return. he’s scrambling with all the teams on bye this week, and Kamara is nothing more than depth for me right now.

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Very good :smiley:

If its the case that Kamara is a depth play for you, you could fish for a better piece for sure! However I was able to snag McKinnon as a Vikings fan and it’s awesome to root for him on Sundays. Don’t forget this is supposed to be fun!

RIght. I probably wouldn’t ever play Kamara over McCoy, Hunt or Freeman. But Kamara is as solid as a backup as anyone else. Like you said, it would just be nice to root for Aaron Jones every week.

Try to get a WR for Kamara, put Benjamin in a trade. Not sure who he has but he you might get unstoppable if you get a good WR. This is assuming a 3 WR league. Who does he have?

It is a 3WR league, and he’s currently starting Garçon, Fuller and Hill. He’s got Cobb and Doctson in his bench.

I do like Hill, but I doubt he’d give him up!

Huge Packers fan here - Get Kamara.