Trying to acquire CMC for a playoff run

Hey footclan, need your help

So I am currently 8-1 in my 10 man half ppr redraft league. Essentially I am looking at the playoffs right now. The CMC owner is 5-4, holding onto a 1 game lead as the 4th seed for playoffs. I am trying to orchestrate a deal where I acquire an injured CMC hoping he can ball out for me in the playoffs, while also offering my leaguemate a trade that provides him with high-upside win-now potential.

my roster:

QB - Tannehill (Lost Dak RIP)
RB - Kamara
RB - A.Gibson
RB - D. Swift
RB - L. Murray
RB - Zeke
WR - A. Robinson
WR - J. Jones
WR - McLaurin
WR - R. Anderson
TE - Kelce
D - Washington (Dropping once waivers hit)
D - LA Rams
IR - Lazard

His roster:

QB - Brady
RB - Mike Davis
RB - D. Henderson
RB - T. Ervin
RB - T. Pollard
WR - Smith-Schuster
WR - Keenan Allen
WR - Dionate Johnson
WR - Christian Kirk
TE - Darren Walller
D - Patriots

I know that my team is pretty solid right now, but I figure we are always trying to improve our chances to win it all, right? Again, I am not trying to rip off my buddy, and want to make sure the deal is as even as possible. Any ideas you guys have I would definitely appreciate. Thanks!

Also, if you just don’t think there is a realistic chance of getting a deal done please let me know that as well!